How Trump just won re-election

How Trump just won re-election
Word up. Fox News video, YouTube

[Ed. – Interesting theory. Only time will tell if there’s any validity to it.]

It’s visuals that take down a president, and the video of George Floyd’s death is about as graphic as it gets — just like the victims of Hurricane Katrina stranded on rooftops, waving for help that was slow to come.

Bush was charged with being too slow and ineffective in his response to the storm.  In fact, it was local and state Democrats who were slow and ineffective. …

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But George Bush failed when he crumbled in response to media criticism and flew to New Orleans to abase himself in front of the cameras at Jackson Square. …

President Trump faces a similar moment, but his response has been just the opposite.  In the wake of the Floyd protests, the president has defended law and order.

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