German beach resort bans morbidly obese guests

German beach resort bans morbidly obese guests
Weight-appropriate Germans relax on a North Sea beach. YouTube video

[Ed. – With a limit of 286 pounds, they’re clearly they’re not banning all “overweight” guests.  Only a small percentage of (very tall or very muscled-up) people are not obese at 286.]

A hotel on Germany’s North Sea coast has banned overweight guests due to worries they’ll break the resorts ‘elegant designer furniture’.

The Beachhotel Sahlenburg in the German city of Cuxhaven is hoping to welcome everyone back to the beach after the coronavirus lockdown ends, however not everyone is welcome on the sand.

In order to stay at the hotel, you need to be 130 kilograms (286) pounds or below. …

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The reason for the restriction? The hotels elegant design furniture is far too sensitive and cannot support the weight of anyone upwards of 130kg.

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