Why America can’t return to ‘normal’

Why America can’t return to ‘normal’
Rioters tend fires in the streets of downtown Los Angeles, 29 May 2020. Twitter video

[Ed. – Depends on how you define ‘normal.’]

Eventually the uprisings in Minneapolis will subside, as well as the protests and community unrest peppered throughout the country. … The camera crews documenting all of this will disperse as well.

And we will be left with one pressing question: Now what?

It’s intellectually dishonest to say we will return to “peace” and “quiet” because this country has never been at peace. We’ve had moments of quiet, albeit uneasy quiet, but never peace. How can a nation born out of genocide, built on slavery, and sustained by a system which places minorities firmly behind their white counterparts in every significant socioeconomic measurement by a considerable margin have peace? In fact, I would dare say all of these elected officials on TV clamoring for things to get back to “normal” are part of the problem.

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