Caught! Kellyanne Conway voted by mail in 2018

Caught! Kellyanne Conway voted by mail in 2018

[Ed. – Left-wing media are on a tear, uncovering absentee votes by members of the Trump administration who don’t live in their registered voting districts during a given election.  Since this isn’t the same thing as a state mailing vote-by-mail ballots to every registered voter, it’s not clear what the point is.  Or, of course, it IS clear, but not persuasive.]

White House aide Kellyanne Conway — who, like her boss, the president, is falsely attacking voting by mail as prone to fraud — cast her own ballot by mail to vote in Bergen County, New Jersey, in the 2018 midterm election.


Conway, who with her husband continues to own a home in northern New Jersey, tried to draw a distinction between an absentee ballot and a mail ballot, although many states — including New Jersey ― have no such distinction and allow voters to cast ballots by mail without having to assert that they will be out of town.

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“That’s called an absentee ballot. One completes it and posts it by U.S. Mail,” Conway wrote in response to a HuffPost query. “Don’t confuse it with a (non-absentee) ‘mail-in ballot’ to serve your purposes.”

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