Officials: Trump admin said to eye first nuclear test since 1992

Officials: Trump admin said to eye first nuclear test since 1992
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[Ed. – If Trump is actually doing this I assume he’s not bluffing.  Unnamed “officials” could, of course, just be trying to scare everyone to death by telling whoppers to the Washington Post (which can be counted on to publish them).  There’s nothing I’d put past them at this point.  Those points made: it sounds un-Trump-like to me.  The U.S. testing warheads would just open the door for Russia and China to do the same, and they have no compunction or moral reluctance.  Trump knows that.  I think he’ll approach the arms treaty negotiations (New START expires in February 2021) with a different set of incentives.]

The Trump Administration is actively considering the possibility of conducting a nuclear test, something the United States has not done since 1992.

The topic was broached at a May 15 meeting of top officials from various national security agencies after some in the room accused China and Russia of conducting low-yield nuclear tests in secret, the Washington Post reported.

One official told the paper that a nuclear demonstration was “very much an ongoing conversation” and might be useful for negotiations with the two counties as Washington seeks a comprehensive new deal to regulate nuclear stockpiles.

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