Earth’s magnetic field weakening; researchers weighing potential reasons

Earth’s magnetic field weakening; researchers weighing potential reasons
Earth rise as seen from a lunar orbit (Image: NASA)

[Ed. – People studying the current solar minimum, the deepest in over 200 years and possibly much longer, have been predicting this.  Their theory: it has at least something to do with the loss of energy from the sun – energy that otherwise protects our planet from electromagnetic forces arising in the larger universe.  They expect the planet to cool under these conditions, not warm.]

Earth’s magnetic field is gradually weakening in an area that stretches from Africa to South America, and scientists who are trying to understand why.

This weakening is also causing technical disturbances in some satellites orbiting Earth.

Scientists are using data from the European Space Agency’s Swarm constellation to improve our understanding of this area, which is known as the ‘South Atlantic Anomaly.’

Among other things, Earth’s magnetic field protects humanity from space radiation and super-charged particles emanating from the sun.

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