The woke Left’s assault on the rule of law

The woke Left’s assault on the rule of law
Judge Emmet G. Sullivan. Wikipedia

[Ed. – Where’s the level playing field the Constitution guarantees?]

Ever since Donald Trump’s election, liberal judges have aligned themselves with the political “resistance,” holding this administration to a different standard from its predecessors. As I have written before, we have seen this trend from the unprecedented proliferation of nationwide injunctions in the lower courts to the political behavior of Supreme Court justices. …

What we have been witnessing is an all-out assault on the rule of law from the woke Left, which has elevated its political ideology to something resembling a secular religion. By this mentality, Trump and his agents are monomaniacally recast as totems of sinister forces who must be stopped at all costs. Never mind notions of fair process and democratic deliberation that made the American system of law what it is.

The newest poster child in this assault is U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan, who sits in the nation’s capital and presides over the Michael Flynn case.

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