Coronavirus reopening: Democrats resist, Americans persist. Here’s why

Coronavirus reopening: Democrats resist, Americans persist. Here’s why
Biden eating what appears to be tapioca pudding (Image: YouTube screen grab)

[Ed. – The Democrats have long seen winning back total power as a first step to completing Saint Obama’s fundamental transformation of America. The pernicious cynicism opined in this piece goes hand in hand with their desire to fling open the southern borders to future Democratic voters.]

Can you feel it? Can you feel the pace quickening? More cars on the road, more people in the stores, more ads crowding your inbox?

Activity is picking up, even in my state of New York, where we’re still under lockdown. It’s palpable; Americans everywhere are going back to work.

Democrats don’t like that one little bit. The worse things are, the better their chances in November.

After all, Joe Biden is blaming President Trump for having helped throw the country into a deep recession; he sure doesn’t want the hard times to end. A recent tweet from the former VP claims “Donald Trump spent the last three years undermining the core pillars of our economic strength.” That will be news to the millions of former felons, workers without a high school diploma, disabled people and others who finally, under this White House, were able to find work.

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