Meet the newly recognized illegal alien work force

Meet the newly recognized illegal alien work force
Optional Practical Training program trainee (Image: YouTube screen grab)

[Ed. – Not a job Americans won’t do.]

As a byproduct of our grumbles about how Homeland Security reports data on the Optional Practical Training program, we have discovered a newly defined illegal alien sub-population.

We call the members of it the “OPT-ables” because, while they are eligible for the OPT program, they are either not in the appropriate OPT job or are not reporting that they are. There are perhaps 200,000 of them: all young; all recent college graduates, often from India or China; and all taking jobs that could be filled by citizen college graduates.

The population consists of recent alien graduates of U.S. colleges and universities (thus reasonably well-paid in most cases) who have received permission (via an employment authorization document (EAD)) to work for an OPT employer, but who have either not taken that job, or have done so without reporting back to DHS that they have the job in question.

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