China must pay reparations. Only Trump can make that happen

China must pay reparations. Only Trump can make that happen
Nigel Farage at CPAC in 2017. (Image: Screen grab of ACU video, YouTube)

[Ed. – I’m not sure even Trump could force China to literally fork over.  But he probably has the nerves to cancel some amount of U.S. (Treasury securities) debt to China as a means of collecting reparations.  If so, other nations might follow suit.]

[A] mighty global reckoning is brewing. We are witnessing the beginning of the biggest geopolitical fight since the Cold War ended more than 30 years ago. The liberal democracies of the West are increasingly pitched against that clever, ruthless opponent called China. Increasingly, a phrase that is being uttered is: “China must pay”. But do Western governments really have the collective nerve to ensure this happens? …

In a draft EU report documenting how governments push disinformation about the coronavirus pandemic, China came in for criticism. This didn’t last long. After Chinese threats to block supplies of urgent equipment to EU countries, the EU’s foreign policy supremo, Joseph Borell, had the offending words expunged before the final report was published. …

[G]roundwork is already being prepared. Trump has instructed U.S. intelligence agencies to investigate where this virus came from and the extent to which China hid it from the rest of the world. He means business.

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