Call for courtesy ‘mask-tipping’ in businesses immediately train-wrecks in ‘racial bias’ debate

Call for courtesy ‘mask-tipping’ in businesses immediately train-wrecks in ‘racial bias’ debate

[Ed. – This is so idiotic it doesn’t even make sense. I can understand business owners feeling more comfortable if customers expose more of their faces while they’re inside a business.  There’s nothing that has to be inherently about race in that.  But it’s as if they had to make it about race, in order to simply appeal — commonsensically — to everyone to do it.  This is in Illinois, BTW; the TV station carrying it is in Iowa.]

Since the CDC recommended everyone wears face masks when out in public and Governor J.B. Pritzker is mandating Illinois residents wear them starting May 1st, we will begin to see them more frequently. However, for some communities, that causes anxiety. The Village of a Thousand Elders is creating a safety initiative called “Tip Your Mask” to help prevent confusion and racial biases.

“Tip Your Mask” is in coordination with various police departments in Illinois. When you go into a store or building, you’re now asked to “tip your mask” by lowering it slightly so the business owner can see your face. …

Everyone is being asked to tip your mask, because as Pastor Harris says, “crime comes in all colors. …”

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