Will Devin Nunes lawsuit force Twitter to disclose bias against conservative users?

Will Devin Nunes lawsuit force Twitter to disclose bias against conservative users?

[Ed. – An interesting question; one of many.  I’m not convinced we want this issue decided by the courts.  Congress seems like a better way to go.  It’ll be a big clean-up on aisle 9 if we don’t like what the courts come up with.  Could remake the face of the platform/hosting industry willy-nilly, in ways we didn’t intend.]

When Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., sued Twitter in Virginia court in March for negligence over multiple cases of defamation and impersonation by the social media giant’s users, he was mocked and laughed at for thinking his case would accomplish anything. But following a Virginia judge’s ruling last week that Nunes’ suit could proceed to trial in the Old Dominion, it may be Nunes who gets the last laugh. …

While Twitter lawyers eagerly dismissed Nunes’ lawsuits as a joke, John Marshall, the Virginia judge who was assigned the cases, has not been so quick to dismiss the allegations of defamation and negligence. Rather than quietly settle with Nunes and pledge to do better going forward, Twitter instead chose to go to war with both Nunes and Marshall. … lawyers for Twitter … attempted to have the case thrown out of Virginia entirely, claiming that Twitter’s user terms required Nunes to file in California …

Marshall took the arguments under consideration and … asked Twitter to provide to him under seal information on the users managing the anonymous accounts and their locations, the number of Twitter users in Virginia, and the amount of revenue earned by the company in the state.

Rather than comply with the court order, Twitter gave the judge the middle finger and refused to provide the information demanded by the court. The judge responded by allowing the trial against Twitter to proceed in Virginia …

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