A.G. Barr interview a signal things will soon get ugly for Russia collusion team

A.G. Barr interview a signal things will soon get ugly for Russia collusion team
FBI headquarters (Image: YouTube screen grab)

[Ed. – That was my sense: that Barr wouldn’t speak so categorically — calling the Spygate operation a “travesty” and saying the “investigation” was started with no basis — without facts to back him up.  Moreover, most of the supposed “facts” of the original case have been unwritten at this point, including the claim that Papadopoulos ever said anything to the Australian Alexander Downer about Hillary’s emails.  Kevin Brock is a former assistant FBI director.]

Attorney General Barr communicates in a clear, understandable, calm-as-a-summer-evening manner uncommon in Washington. He undoubtedly did not get to his current position without being a skilled litigator, whose first rule is never make a statement to the court that you can’t back up. His newsworthy claim that there was zero basis for the FBI’s investigation stands, in all probability, on a mound of — in his words — “troubling” evidence now in his possession.

Many in the media immediately sputtered that the FBI was certainly justified because Trump campaign third-stringer George Papadopoulos told an Australian official, in a bar, that the Russians had email dirt on Hillary Clinton.

The media may wish that Papadopoulos’s comment is sufficient justification to investigate a candidate for president, but it is not. An experienced Russia counterintelligence FBI agent would have recognized immediately that the Australian’s assertion, while moderately interesting for existing investigations of Russians, was not nearly enough to open an invasive investigation of American citizens.

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