Voters will notice the Dems’ irrational hatred of Trump

Voters will notice the Dems’ irrational hatred of Trump

[Ed. – To quote the eminent constitutional scholar Barack Obama, ‘Words matter.’]

The Democrats are hysterically blaming President Trump for the fact that the Wuhan virus is killing some Americans. No doubt, they also will blame Trump for the recession that will be caused, not by the virus, but by government’s reaction–overreaction, in my opinion–to the virus.

In doing this, the Democrats are making some critical assumptions. They assume that voters won’t remember that when President Trump banned travel from China at the end of January, Democrats unanimously (including Joe Biden) denounced his action as racist and xenophobic. While, on the other hand, as late as February 24, Nancy Pelosi did a photo-op for San Francisco news stations in Chinatown, strolling down the sidewalk surrounded by community “leaders” and cameramen, urging everyone to come to Chinatown, the rumored virus is no problem, no one is sick here.

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