Will Sinophobia be our downfall in fight against coronavirus?

Will Sinophobia be our downfall in fight against coronavirus?

[Ed. – That’s fear (or, if you’re a liberal, hatred) of people from China, and, no, our downfall is more likely to result from China’s continuing to attempt to shirk responsibility for the pandemic by lying about the number of infections.]

President Donald Trump has recently insisted on repeatedly calling the Covid-19 either a “foreign virus” or a “Chinese virus” in his speeches and tweets, an insistence that appears to say “this is all China’s fault.”

Fox News personality Jesse Watters asked China for a formal apology earlier this month during “The Five,” a Fox News panel talk show he co-hosts. According to Watters, the virus originated from Chinese people eating raw bats and snakes because “the Chinese communist government cannot feed the people, and they are desperate.”

Watters also said scientists believe this to be the origin of the virus, despite no credible disease expert having made any statement of the sort. Scientists do believe the virus likely originated in an animal before transmission to a human host, but the exact sequence of events or even the animal in question remains unknown.

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