The (not that surprising) reason behind Africa’s latest locust plague

The (not that surprising) reason behind Africa’s latest locust plague
Yes, those are all locusts. The whole field looks like that. February 2020 in Kenya. Channel 4 News, YouTube

[Ed. – Plagues of locusts have recurred for thousands of years.  We have the means to mitigate their size and impact, but we don’t use them.]

“Across Somalia, desert locusts in a swarm the size of Manhattan have destroyed a swath of farmland as big as Oklahoma,” the Wall Street Journal’s Nicholas Bariyo reports. “In Kenya, billions-strong clouds of the insects have eaten through 800 square miles of crops …”

East Africa has a Desert Locust Control Organization. But it, the region and the individual countries were totally unprepared for the onslaught: unaware the hordes were coming, grotesquely underfunded, with almost no pesticides or aircraft to spray them. By the time they acted, it was far too little, far too late. …

UN, EU, World Bank and eco-centered foundation money drives the agenda and pays Africa’s leaders and bureaucrats. So recurring real-world crises get short shrift.

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When it comes to insect control, the driving force is aid money totally skewed to agro-ecology and its ideological focus on “food sovereignty” and “traditional subsistence farming,” with wood plows and oxen, “in harmony with nature,” free from Western seeds, fertilizers, tractors and, above all, pesticides. [Ding ding ding ding ding. – Ed.]

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