The coronavirus pandemic doesn’t discredit small-government conservatism

The coronavirus pandemic doesn’t discredit small-government conservatism
Bah humbug. Bernie Sanders campaigns in Nevada, in spite of rumored Russian support to his effort. CNN video

[Ed. – Bernie Sanders may be too old and too set in his ways to learn new tricks, but this well-conceived and -crafted piece highlights one of the key reasons his campaign has failed.]

There are no libertarians during a pandemic, they tell me. Everyone is a Keynesian these days, apparently. It’s not just socialism that leads to shortages and empty shelves, fans of socialism point out. (They neglect to mention that, unlike the grocery shelves in socialistic nations, ours will be restocked as soon as the worst passes — and probably sooner.)

Yet the coronavirus crisis has only strengthened my belief in limited-government conservatism. … Years of government spending and expanding regulation have done nothing to make us safer during this emergency; in fact, our profligate spending during years of prosperity has probably constrained our ability to borrow now.

Yes, unforeseen existential threats to America sometimes require extraordinary temporary measures. … Asking most of the United States to self-quarantine during a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic makes some sense, but asking 350 million people to self-quarantine when there’s no unique health risk would be … utterly insane.

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