New York to fight coronavirus with ‘floral bouquet,’ simple commuter adjustments

New York to fight coronavirus with ‘floral bouquet,’ simple commuter adjustments
Bill de Blasio (Image: YouTube screen grab)

[Ed. – Even I know you’re more likely to get the coronavirus, not less, if you do something idiotic like wait for the next “less crowded” car in an NYC train station.  Has de Blasio ever ridden the subway?  Love the “ride a bike” suggestion for those inter-borough commuters.  So handy, especially in March.  Cuomo’s floral bouquet is nice touch though.]

Governor Andrew Cuomo on Monday announced that he would be creating a hand sanitizer for New York that would boast a higher alcohol percentage than popular brand Purell and would include “a very nice floral bouquet.”

He also touted the fact that the product was produced by the State of New York’s “Corcraft,” who, he says, is known for creating a variety of other cleaning products. What he didn’t mention is that Corcraft is the name of the workforce for prison inmates of the state. Some have criticized Cuomo’s choice to use inmate labor to produce huge amounts of hand sanitizer as “slave labor.” …

Bill de Blasio … received strong backlash after he suggested that commuters allow extra time and skip crowded trains when possible. “Plan to have some extra travel time in your commute,” he said. “If the train that pulls up is too packed, move to a different car or wait to take the next one. Bike or walk to work if you can.”

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