Fiona Hill: ‘Putin has all of us exactly where he wants us’

Fiona Hill: ‘Putin has all of us exactly where he wants us’
Fiona Hill. EU Reporter video, YouTube

[Ed. – Before going high-order on this, I recommend reading exactly what she said.  It’s below. As regards the “political class,” meaning those invested in the Deep State — she’s right.  It’s all the rest of us Putin does NOT have.  I don’t think she meant to make that distinction.  I’m not sure she believes the people outside the “political class” really matter.  But the whole point of what’s going on right now is that the “political class” is scrambling and disintegrating, while the ones whom no one has “right where he wants them” – the Deplorables – are struggling to get out from under the collapsing political class.  The Deplorables don’t doubt “our systems.”  They doubt the people running them: the “political class.”]

When we sat down with Dr. Hill on Tuesday for her first interview since testifying, she told us her goal was to sound the alarm about Russian meddling in our political system – which is tearing us apart. 

Fiona Hill: Putin, sadly, has got all of our political class, every single one of us, including the media, exactly where he wants us. He’s got us feeling vulnerable, he’s got us feeling on edge, and he’s got us questioning the legitimacy of our own systems.

Lesley Stahl: But how much of our polarization, of the fact that we are heads butting in this country, how much of that came from the Russians?

Fiona Hill: Well, certainly in 2016, a lot of it did. But they don’t invent the divisions. The Russians didn’t invent partisan divides. The Russians haven’t invented racism in the United States. But the Russians understand a lot of those divisions and they understand how to exploit them.

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