Devin Nunes sues WaPo for $250 m over inaccurate story; alleges it amounted to ‘defamation’

Devin Nunes sues WaPo for $250 m over inaccurate story; alleges it amounted to ‘defamation’

[Ed. – I (J.E.) narrowly avoided repeating what Nunes says was the inaccurate information from that particular story.  Fortunately, I saw a quick interview he did on Fox before the LU article was published, and was able to remove references to the “briefing” WaPo alleged that Nunes had given to President Trump.  (Nunes said he never spoke to Trump on that matter.)  The topic was the presentation given to the House Intelligence Committee on election security back in February.  Nunes may not get satisfaction in court about this, but it’s useful to know how little WaPo can be trusted on simple matters of fact.]

Rep. Devin Nunes filed a lawsuit for $250 million in damages against the Washington Post and intelligence reporter Shane Harris, alleging that a story from the paper related to a classified House Intelligence Committee briefing on Russian interference amounted to defamation.

“This action arises out of a WaPo hit piece that was manufactured out of whole cloth,” the California Republican’s 23-page Monday complaint said. …

Nunes criticized the alleged “intentional misrepresentations” and said he pointed to “the truth.”

“Devin Nunes never told the President or anyone else that Shelby Pierson had given an exclusive briefing to Schiff. Devin Nunes, did not meet or speak with the President on February 13, 2020 — the day of the ‘classified hearing’ — or on February 14, 2020, and never conveyed to him any indication that Schiff was given an exclusive assessment of Russian actions,” Nunes lawyer Steven Biss wrote.

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