‘He understands us’: Why Bernie supporters are loyal

‘He understands us’: Why Bernie supporters are loyal
Image: YouTube screen grab

[Ed. – Yeah, but do they understand anything?]

Edgar Garcia decided in 2016 to support Bernie Sanders. In the four years since — as other candidates came along with similar plans and arguments about how they could beat Donald Trump — he never wavered.

The 20-year-old student fervently believes Sanders is the only candidate who can build a coalition to defeat the President.

“He’s going to bring out the votes of most of the young people, because every other Democratic candidate doesn’t pull anyone I know, especially coming from a Hispanic background,” he told CNN here during a Sanders rally on the eve of the Nevada caucuses. “I know a lot of people who are Hispanic who are really excited to come out and vote for him.”

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Garcia predicted Sanders would also turn out “the people Hillary Clinton turned her back on.”…

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