After Nevada win, Sanders claims ‘uniter’ mantel

After Nevada win, Sanders claims ‘uniter’ mantel
Not-so-strange bedfellows: Linda Sarsour and Bernie Sanders

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The rhetorical shift from insurgent to standard-bearer was sharp and unmistakable. On the eve of Bernie Sanders’ resounding victory in the Nevada caucuses, the self-described democratic socialist senator was stilling stoking his populist revolt from the Democratic mainstream.

“We’re taking on the whole damn 1% — Donald Trump and the Republican establishment — and we’re taking on the Democratic establishment,” Sanders told more than 2,000 supporters gathered Friday evening for a final outdoor rally here before caucus voting began the next morning.

“You may have noticed lately — the establishment is getting a little nervous,” he added.

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It’s remarks like those that helped fuel the “feel the Bern” movement that propelled Sanders from obscure Senate backbencher to giving Hillary Clinton a run for her money in Democratic nominating contest four years ago. But with the big win in Nevada, Sanders eclipsed Joe Biden as the Democratic front-runner. …

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