If Bernie wins, where will he take the Democratic Party?

If Bernie wins, where will he take the Democratic Party?
Bernie Sanders (Image: AIRTV screen grab)

[Ed. – Since he has deluded himself into believing that most Americans welcome socialism, the answer is ‘over a cliff.’]

On Monday night, the Iowa caucuses ended in chaos. More important, the partial results released on Tuesday suggest that the Democratic path to the White House remains rocky.

A number of analysts and political scientists with whom I spoke initially described Joe Biden as the candidate to beat, but the two clear beneficiaries of Monday’s caucuses were Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg.

The popular vote as of Tuesday night provided a degree of momentum to both candidates, with Sanders slightly in front. Under Iowa’s arcane system of delegate allocation, however, Buttigieg pulled ahead of Sanders, 26.8 to 25.2 percent, giving Buttigieg’s bid for the White House new legitimacy.

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So far, Buttigieg has encountered difficulty winning support among black voters, whose enthusiastic turnout will be crucial to a Democratic victory in November.

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