The Republican Party has embraced its worst self

The Republican Party has embraced its worst self
Jamelle Bouie (Image: YouTube screen grab)

[Ed. – And exactly how is this bit of hyperpartisan drivel different from anything the author has written over the course of his career?]

If the story of the American republic is the story of democratic decline as much as it is democratic expansion — if backlash shapes our history as much as progress does — then the current moment is easy to understand.

The Republican Party has been the single most important force behind that erosion, breaking norms, backing suppression and welcoming an endless flood of money into our politics, all to protect themselves and their ideology from the will of the people. Viewed in that light, the acquittal of President Trump — the desperate cover-up in the face of damning evidence — is just another brick on a road Republicans have been paving for years.

It is what you would expect them to do, not because of any fear of the president or personal fealty to him, but because the party sees accountability … as a threat to its interests.

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