They acquitted Trump. Make them pay.

They acquitted Trump. Make them pay.
Charles Blow (Image: YouTube screen grab)

[Ed. – As usual, the Times opinion columnist with the most appropriate name writes from the spleen rather than from the brain.]

It is done. Donald Trump, impeached by the House of Representatives, has been acquitted by the Senate.

He acted with corrupt intent to pressure the government of Ukraine to announce an investigation into the Bidens. He withheld congressionally approved aid to do so. In so doing, he broke the law. Then he did everything he could to obstruct the inquiry looking into his crime.

He did these things. This is not in question anymore. Everyone paying attention to the evidence presented and that which continues to be revealed in the press knows this. Republicans in Congress know this.

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What we have watched in Washington from Republicans during this impeachment is nothing short of a travesty. Most people fully expected the Republicans in the Senate to do exactly what they did. However, it is still a strike against the country and the Constitution.

Where are we? What’s next?

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