Iranian media claim Taliban shot down CIA agent behind Soleimani strike

Iranian media claim Taliban shot down CIA agent behind Soleimani strike
A Bombardier E-11A BACN operates in Kandahar, Afghanistan. USAF video, SSgt. John McRell, via YouTube, Airailimages

[Ed. – This is hilarious.  They’re claiming this – based on a Taliban claim – about the special-purpose military plane that crashed in Afghanistan on Monday. The BACN wouldn’t have CIA agents onboard to begin with, but a CIA agent who had some supervisory role in the Soleimani strike would extra-double-plus NOT be tootling around in a military tactical battlefield coordination aircraft in Afghanistan.  The U.S. continues to maintain the plane was not shot down.]

Iranian media outlets claim “many CIA” officers were killed in a plane crash on Monday. The Taliban initially asserted large numbers of Americans were killed, while Russian media and Iranian media then said a senior CIA officer responsible for killing IRGC general Qasem Soleimani was on board. The claim has been greeted with skepticism.


Linking its downing to the Soleimani killing would be a major development and appear to show that Iran is active in Afghanistan with the Taliban, a claim that has been made in the past. Iran watches US movements in Afghanistan carefully and has met with the Taliban recently.

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