How the Democrats will pay for impeaching Donald Trump

How the Democrats will pay for impeaching Donald Trump
Dems walk the articles of impeachment to the Senate in an inane attempt at pomp. (Image: YouTube screen grab)

[Ed. – Let him count the ways!]

The evidence presented in opening arguments, which are supposed to be stunning and convincing since they occur before the White House makes its defense, has been laborious, unconvincing, and repetitive.  No actual criminal offense has been plausibly articulated.

But bullying has given way to insufferableness and charlatanism, with Schiff even lauding as “heroes” the unappealing bureaucrats who were House witnesses—the same deep state crybabies who thought they, not the elected president, determined foreign policy. We already know that these witnesses can’t close the deal with the public, even with ample help from the liberal media.

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The real question is whether, amid failure, the public will make Democrats pay a price, or whether it doesn’t mind the opportunity cost of a sham trial that has seized the least popular branch of government for months.

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