Final days for Ilhan Omar?

Final days for Ilhan Omar?
Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Image: YouTube screen grab)

[Ed. – Couldn’t happen to a more deserving person.]

on’t expect the national media to report this, but Representative Ilhan Omar is attracting more credible opponents than any sitting member of Congress. Like angry hornets, a swarm is gathering and buzzing around her.

Her days as a Congresswoman may be numbered. It could be a finite number.

She faces at least three opponents on the Democratic side. Splitting the opposition may actually help her survive the primary. The Squad, the fawning media and the Hollywood Left will rally around her. But, the primary fight will likely leave its mark going into the November general election. It’s hard to imagine Democrats abiding by Marquess of Queensberry rules in their primary. Stinging punches, perhaps low blows will be thrown. Assuming she survives, those cuts will leave scars. Don’t expect supporters of her Democrat challengers to switch sides and vote for the Republican in November.

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