Surprise: Colorado to scale back investigation of mystery drones

Surprise: Colorado to scale back investigation of mystery drones
Drone footage aired in local news coverage of mystery drones in Colorado, Nebraska. ABC 7 Denver video

[Ed. – It’s pretty clear government at some level already knows the who and what of the original drones. Notice the language: discovering the identity and purpose of the drones has now morphed into the narrower objective of discovering “criminal activity.” That said, descriptions of some of the 90 sightings are quite different from the very distinctive drone activity described from late December to early January (groups of drones flying in grid patterns for hours), so it may well be that that distinctive activity is simply over with, at least for now.]

The Colorado Department of Public Safety said Monday it will be scaling back operations of its investigations into suspicious drone activity in northeastern Colorado. The reports dating back to late November and the field work taking place in early January has yet to identify any criminal activity.

“The public has been worried about the reports of strange drone activity,” said CDPS Executive Director Stan Hilkey in a news release. “Our duty is to be responsive to community concerns and to investigate suspicious activity, and so we mobilized our teams to look into this.” …

Since the Colorado Information Analysis Center started collecting data on drone reports, there have been 90 incidents. Hobbyists using drones that were not large enough to fit the description of reports made up for 14 cases.

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