Trump’s takedown of Soleimani has Iran utterly off its evil game

Trump’s takedown of Soleimani has Iran utterly off its evil game
Something shining through here, if not what they think. WaPo video

[Ed. – But Trump didn’t share his plan with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, so it was still a bad idea.]

Whatever the mullahs are, they aren’t foolish. They pushed, and then they pushed some more, and then they pushed Washington and Trump too far — and their response demonstrates that they know it. The Tehran regime had no way to know what America might do in response to a serious counterassault, and so it didn’t make a serious effort.

As a high-ranking US official said to me this week, “the Iranians learned what Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio learned in 2016. Nobody out-escalates Donald Trump.”

It was — so far — a spectacularly effective effort to establish deterrence on Trump’s part. There are two ways this happened. One had to do with the elimination of the specific threat posed by Soleimani.

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A senior diplomat told me ­intelligence reports suggested that Soleimani was the most radical of the Iranian leaders, the one who pushed the hardest for the most extreme actions.

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