To ‘fact check’ Trump ‘lies,’ MSNBC turns to …. Benghazi liar Susan Rice?

To ‘fact check’ Trump ‘lies,’ MSNBC turns to …. Benghazi liar Susan Rice?
A cancer is growing on Obama's presidency

[Ed. – Inmates, asylum, and so on]

Susan Rice is best known as the top Obama adviser who lied on five different network talk shows in 2012, claiming the attack on the American consulate in Benghazi was caused by a YouTube video. But MSNBC put Rice on the air shortly after President Trump’s speech about Iran on Wednesday as a “fact checker.”

Their video page touted:

Susan Rice: Trump’s ‘despicable lies’ about Obama show his ‘extreme weakness and insecurity’

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Susan Rice joins Andrea Mitchell to fact check President Donald Trump’s speech.

It’s a little silly for MSNBC to complain that Trump “ham-handedly politicized” his speech, and then follow that up with one of the most ham-handed politicians in the Obama White House. Mitchell didn’t mention the Benghazi talk-show fiasco as she touted Rice’s “wealth of foreign policy and Oval Office experience.”

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