Far-left internet thinks Mayor Pete is a secret agent

Far-left internet thinks Mayor Pete is a secret agent
Pete Buttigieg (Image: YouTube screen grab)

[Ed. – For what country?]

The world is on fire. But for an increasingly vocal segment of extremely online politicos, there is a greater geopolitical concern hanging over the election: the fear that Pete Buttigieg is secretly an asset, officer, or agent of the Central Intelligence Agency.

The conspiracy theory that Buttigieg is a CIA plant has been congealing in the internet’s fever swamps for as long as profiles of the young candidate have fixated on a biography that, to the conspiracy-minded, seems almost suspiciously clean—the perceived threats of neoliberal imperialists and the “deep state” converging in the unlikely form of a dweebish Midwestern mayor.

“He’s one of the many intelligence community operators working in government,” Steve Poikonen, host of the YouTube vlog series Slow News Day, said confidently in an April episode titled “Pete Buttigieg: CIA Democrat?”

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