Why Pete Buttigieg enrages the young Left

Why Pete Buttigieg enrages the young Left
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[Ed. – JFK was also a veteran, too — a quite heroic one, in fact. And neither he nor Clinton was far Left. What is different this time around us that young voters are shallow, uninformed, and absurdly idealistic.]

As the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries draw near and South Bend’s boy wonder, Pete Buttigieg, seems buoyant in the all-important early-state polls, “Mayor Pete” has been perpetually dogged by a major issue: the youngest and most activated voters in his party all seem to—how to put this delicately?—hate his guts.

Normally the first candidate of a generation can expect to ride a wave of youth enthusiasm, as John F. Kennedy and Bill Clinton once did. For the 37-year-old Buttigieg, it’s been quite the opposite. …

Why is the enmity from young, left-wing activists toward Buttigieg so visceral? It’s true that they favor Bernie Sanders, but Buttigieg comes in for a type of loathing that surpasses even that they hold for Sanders’ older rivals, Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren.

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Buttigieg is a veteran, an outspoken Christian … a square.

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