Church shooter incident in Texas is not as simple as it seems

Church shooter incident in Texas is not as simple as it seems
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[Ed. – The op-ed writer says this because the incident highlights the utility of having armed citizens, rather than highlighting anti-gun talking points.  The whole thing goes on and on like the excerpt below.]

Wilson, a deeply experienced firearms instructor, was legally carrying and took down a gunman with a single shot.

Are we relegated to finding solace in the fact that only three people died inside of a church in the latest tragedy, and must we seek comfort in the idea that six people felt a need to be armed as they worshiped? Is this really how we live in America? …

Americans might not have the will or the interest in undoing more than two-and-a-half centuries of a culture that emerged through the use of weapons. The words of the Constitution were backed up by a gun; Manifest Destiny was accomplished with bullets and saving the world from tyranny would have been impossible without men at arms, trained to kill. Even if guns beget more guns and more death, maybe nothing more than just their existence makes us feel safe and we are afraid to temper that emotion with more regulation.

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