We just had a global super-decade! Why doesn’t it feel like it?

We just had a global super-decade! Why doesn’t it feel like it?
Image: YouTube screen grab via Nicole Sanders Show

[Ed. – A number one contributing factor is Democrats on a tear to impeach a duly elected president again and again until they can finally make something stick.]

There is a strong case to be made that things are getting better.

Indeed, just before the 2010s began, Matt Ridley made the case in “The Rational Optimist” that things were better than they appeared, and last year, as our current decade was nearing its end, Steven Pinker made a very similar argument in his book “Enlightenment Now.” Indeed, going by the data alone, we’ve been on a very positive trend for a while now, from the alleviation of poverty to the eradication of disease, to reductions in violence and, yes, bigotry. This year, Ridley went further than he did 10 years ago, saying we’re finishing off “the best decade in human history.”

But it sure doesn’t feel like it, does it? In the political realm, we’re all very angry at one another, convinced some terrible “they” is winning at “our” expense. …

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