Democrats from split districts face hard impeachment choice

Democrats from split districts face hard impeachment choice

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Rep. Antonio Delgado walked into the middle school in this hamlet along the Hudson River and was greeted with a call to “vote no on impeachment” from a man walking out, followed by a call for “yes on impeachment” from a woman walking in.

Democrats have a 36-seat majority in the House and project they will have the votes to impeach Mr. Trump, even with some defections. Still, the impending vote has thrown attention to the 31 House Democrats, such as Mr. Delgado, who represent districts that Mr. Trump carried in 2016 and so who might take on political risk by backing impeachment.

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Mr. Delgado said that lawmakers who wrestle sincerely with how to vote would nonetheless be accused of acting out of partisanship.

“If you’re a Democrat, no matter what your intention is, no matter what, you will be swept up in the political way it’s characterized,” he said.

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