LSU quarterback Joe Burrow wins Heisman in ‘landslide’ vote

LSU quarterback Joe Burrow wins Heisman in ‘landslide’ vote
Joe Burrow in good company. ESPN video, YouTube

[Ed. – Congratulations to Burrow, a most deserving choice, and well done to all the finalists.]

The quarterback won the Heisman on Saturday night in a record-breaking landslide, becoming the first LSU player to bring college football’s most prestigious award back to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in 60 years.

Burrow received 2,608 points and 841 first-place votes, a record 90.7% of all the first-place votes available. Burrow also set a record for percentage of points available received with 93.8, breaking the mark of 91.6% set by Troy Smith of Ohio State in 2006. Burrow was named on 95.5% of all ballots, breaking the record of 95.2% set by Oregon’s Marcus Mariota in 2014.

Burrow’s margin of victory of 1,846 broke the record of 1,750 set by O.J. Simpson of Southern California in 1968.

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Oklahoma quarterback Jalen Hurts was second with 762 points.

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