CNN analyst: In ‘our journalistic function,’ have to ‘police’ Republicans

CNN analyst: In ‘our journalistic function,’ have to ‘police’ Republicans
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[Ed. – Gee, be all blatant about it, why don’t you.]

On Friday, a panel on the lefty news network discussed the Democrats’ sham impeachment process. At that time, Jeffrey Toobin, a former federal prosector and CNN legal analyst, argued the media has an obligation to “police” Republicans’ take on situations, like what occurred during President Donald Trump’s call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

“There are not two versions of the facts. There are only facts and the overwhelming majority of the case, of the time yesterday, you had Democrats talking about the actual facts of this investigation and you had Republicans essentially making things up. We have sorta two-sideism and I fall victim to it. But the fact is, the fact is the Republicans were making up facts about when the Ukrainians knew the aid was cut off,” Toobin said. “And, to the extent we can, I think we should try to police that, you know, in our journalistic function.”

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