Warren’s drop in the polls is good news for her

Warren’s drop in the polls is good news for her
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[Ed. – Huh. OK.]

As Elizabeth Warren lately has been going down in the polls, if history is a guide, her chances of becoming the next president are going up. …

[Her] chances are better now than they were before — better now that her campaign seems suddenly tenuous, better that she has an opportunity to show in vivid and visceral ways that she is the real deal rather than a passing novelty.

Warren’s problem is that a campaign that looked, at first blush, fresh and inspiring looks, at second blush, familiar and drearily predictable. …

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Warren plateaued in some early-state polls and suffered significant declines in others after struggling for weeks this fall to explain coherently her position on mandatory Medicare for All. The most left-leaning voters were more likely to back Sanders, the original author of the plan, while centrists criticized the cost and political viability of the campaign.

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