Quietly, Democrats cave on border wall funding

Quietly, Democrats cave on border wall funding
Trump tours new section of border fence in California. Fox 10 Phoenix video, YouTube

[Ed. – It seems they don’t cave entirely – but there’s movement.  This can be reasonably attributed to recognition that there is very widespread support for the border barriers in many of their constituencies.  At any rate … tired of winning yet?]

Congress reached a “deal in principle” to fund the government through next year, a deal that includes at least some funding for the president’s proposed border wall. This after Democrats solemnly swore they would not vote for “one dime” of wall funding. …


It’s not likely that too many Democrats will advertise the fact that their leaders completely caved to Trump and that they betrayed their far-left supporters. Otherwise, the government will shut down and no one wants to see who gets blamed by the voters for it.

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Trump still had to do a little horse-trading to get his wall funding.


The White House signaled in negotiations it would accept significantly less money — the current level of $1.375 billion — than requested on the border wall in exchange for maintaining the authority to transfer funds from Pentagon accounts to finance new wall construction, according to people involved in the talks.

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