Young Republicans buck party to fight climate change

Young Republicans buck party to fight climate change
Poster bear. Not as stranded as previously suggested.

[Ed. – Um … right.  It seems like a really good bet this group has Soros not only written all over it, but writing checks behind it.]

Conservative youth leaders in the United States launched a nationwide campaign on Wednesday to promote a carbon tax to combat global warming, defying the Republican Party and opposition to climate measures by President Donald Trump.

Drawn from Republican groups on more than two dozen university campuses, the Young Conservatives for Carbon Dividends called for laws to tax oil, natural gas and coal producers of planet-warming greenhouse gases.

The taxation plan would make fossil fuels more costly while the resulting revenues would go to taxpayers.

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“We claim to be the party that cares about the future that our children will inherit, and we need climate policy that reflects that,” said Kiera O’Brien, 21, a senior at Harvard University who co-founded the group.

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