The Trump impeachment hearings haven’t connected the dots

The Trump impeachment hearings haven’t connected the dots
Performance artist eats the art at Miami Beach's Art Basel. Social media video via Miami Herald

[Ed. – With all due respect to Counselor Turley, maybe the dots simply aren’t there.]

Last week artist Maurizio Cattelan reportedly sold his art piece “Comedian,” for $120,000. The work consisted of nothing more than a banana affixed to the wall with duct tape.

Some viewers of the piece saw art. Some saw hype. One person, performance artist David Datuna, saw lunch and proceeded to walk up and eat it. …

Frankly, when I look at the House efforts to impeach President Trump, I see a banana taped to a wall. As others coo over the power and evidence of the report, I continue to look around scratching my head, wondering why others don’t see the obvious gaps and conflicts. Yes, we’ve heard disturbing accounts, but they are surrounded by contested facts.

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To extend the art metaphor, the Democratic case is an exercise in pointillism. … But in this case, the dots are too few and the gaps too great.

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