It has come to this: Ted Cruz is Putin’s stooge

It has come to this: Ted Cruz is Putin’s stooge
Cruz speaks on the Senate floor. YouTube, Ted Cruz video

[Ed. – Hard to keep up with all these new plot wrinkles.]

… Cruz and other Republicans … have been lying about Obama’s stance on Ukraine for a long time. One can argue, as I did at the time, that Obama’s response should have been stronger, but he was no apologist for Russia. In that regard, Obama cannot hold a candle to Trump, who in the 2016 regurgitated Russian talking points that “the people of Crimea, from what I’ve heard, would rather be with Russia than where they were.”

To quote Cruz, why is it so imaginable that Trump should not tell Vladimir Putin to give back Crimea? I see you there, chortling. Of course it is unimaginable that Trump should demand anything of Putin or demand it cease its illegal invasion and annexation of Ukraine. Trump is the one who was willing to suspend aid to Ukraine. …

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