Make no mistake, impeachment will hurt Trump

Make no mistake, impeachment will hurt Trump
Adam Schiff in the role of petty tyrant lifting his gavel (Image: YouTube screen grab)

[Ed. – It will hurt the Democrats more, though, as history as shown, the biggest casualty will be the nation.]

Whatever the Democrats decide to do about the specific charges, Trump is going to be impeached. I would think dragging that out and keeping him tied down and off-balance would be the better way to ensure that he doesn’t use his office for personal political gain again. But that ship is rapidly sailing out of the harbor.

According to CNN, the White House and Republican senators are planning a “defense” in which they attack Joe Biden and his son. They don’t want to waste the opportunity to smear the former veep some more while the whole world is watching. But regardless of their sleazy tactics, the outcome of the whole thing is preordained. Trump will not be convicted and will undoubtedly strut around the country afterward, bragging that he beat the rap.

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