Joe Biden says he’s considering Kamala Harris as a running mate

Joe Biden says he’s considering Kamala Harris as a running mate
Joe Biden, Kamala Harris (Images: Left—YouTube screen grab, right—Bloomberg News video)

[Ed. – Brilliant move. She dropped out because her numbers were tanking and she couldn’t raise funding or get traction among black voters. Just the kind of boost Biden will need.]

Former Vice President Joe Biden is making a play for Sen. Kamala Harris’ (D-CA), suggesting Wednesday that he would consider the California legislator as a running mate if he snags the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination.

Harris dropped out of contention for the Democratic party’s nomination on Tuesday citing a dwindling bank account, though experts suspected Harris was also deeply considering polls, which showed her well behind in the race to challenge President Donald Trump both nationally and in key early primary states. Since then, Democratic contenders have been scrambling to pick up Harris’ base of support, some pressing the need for “diversity” on the debate stage and others adopting Harris’ key policy proposals.

Biden opted to simply adopt Harris, despite the pair’s complicated history.

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“Of course I would,” Biden said when asked if he might pick Harris to run with him in 2020, per CNN.

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