Woke parenting eats its own

Woke parenting eats its own

[Ed. – It’s cold comfort knowing that these confused teens will experience hubris as ‘woke’ parents themselves. ]

On the first day of her senior year, Sky Bloomer left the house wearing “black leggings and a tight, spaghetti-strap crop top” and feeling “powerful.” Her parents tried to stop her. Her mother — who is quick to emphasize that Sky’s choices are fully her own and that she is proud of her daughter for “standing up for herself” and not “accomodat[ing] the culture” — suggested she looked like a prostitute. …

“Okay, misogynist,” Sky replied.

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It doesn’t seem to matter what efforts we parents take to get our kids to like us. Our progeny inevitably go through a phase, hopefully a short one (though at times life-long), in which they perceive their parents as clueless and backward, worthy of scorn and derision. Ironically, as the above WaPo exclusive suggests, the 1960s antipathy towards all traditions — nuclear families, religious faith, patriarchy — has fostered a socio-cultural paradigm that now questions even the “traditions” of the secularist progressives.

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