What Reagan might think of Trump

What Reagan might think of Trump

[Ed. – Paul Kengor does great work, and is to be lauded for what he presents here.  For my own part, I think Reagan would get a kick out of Trump.  Reagan led with his sense of humor.  Something he and Trump have in common is their long association with union workers and union politics, which it would be just like Reagan to emphasize.  A great milieu for getting over yourself in, whatever other drawbacks it has.  I don’t think Reagan would have been as primly offended by Trump as Kengor seems to.  In the end, Reagan was a big-picture leader.  His priority would always have been to find positive things to focus on and encourage the people with, rather than shaking his head over Trump’s personality and behavioral quirks.]

First, what may be for some the elephant in the living room: temperament, personality, character, behavior, style. In those respects, Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump are polar opposites. Trump, in that regard, stands as the anti-Reagan. Ronald Reagan rarely even swore. In his letters and diary, Reagan took care to abbreviate words like “damn” and “hell” as “d–n” and “h-ll.” Such were the worst extremes of any foul language by Reagan. Reagan was also almost universally liked. …

Ronald Reagan would not approve of Donald Trump’s behavior. Trump enthusiasts will not want to hear that, and they may judge it a minor, wimpy, unmanly point unworthy of comparison. But that’s a mistake, and it’s unwise. …

Ronald Reagan would approve of: Donald Trump’s policy successes, particularly the economy, taxes, deregulation, judicial appointments, and even moral and social issues like abortion and religious liberty. As to the latter, Reagan would be stunned, as many of us are, to see Donald Trump, once a New York liberal, an unexpected champion of the unborn and of religious freedom. Reagan would not only applaud Trump’s solid record in these areas but would even envy it.

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