Is the real cult the Democratic Party?

Is the real cult the Democratic Party?
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[Ed. – Will the real cult members please stand up.]

… [I]t is time to look at the latest leftist trope against conservatives and see just how it fits Democrats themselves. This time it is the virulent accusation that Trump supporters are members of a cult — all 63 million of us!

I decided not to rely on the anti-Trump bias of Hassan, Rather and Milbank, but rather to go to a real expert on cults for the defining characteristics that would settle once and for all whether it is Trump’s red-hatted base or the politically correct Democrats in pink pussy hats who are being brainwashed.

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Robert Jay Lifton, a psychiatrist who taught at Harvard Medical School, wrote a paper titled “Cult Formation” in the early 1980s where he spelled out three characteristics common to all destructive cults. … Lifton’s work provides the base line for determining whether or not Trump’s supporters are members of a cult.

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