Sondland: ‘I assumed,’ ‘I gathered,’ ‘I presumed’

Sondland: ‘I assumed,’ ‘I gathered,’ ‘I presumed’
Ambassador Gordon Sondland, Senate confirmation hearing in 2018. MSNBC video, YouTube

[Ed. – The ‘Seinfeld’ impeachment: It’s about nothing.]

After three days of Adam Schiff’s impeachment inquiry, we are left with only the monotony. We know in advance all the questions, the subjective mood answers and bureaucratic mindset of the witnesses, the ensuing spin, and the congressional posturing.

In lieu of a Jaworski or Starr special prosecutor’s damning report, a White House tape, or even a blue dress, there is only “I assumed,” “I gathered,” “I presumed,” and “my personal belief is that” — without direct knowledge of impeachable wrongdoing or some smoking-gun email or document.

The next “star” witness, Ambassador Sondland, played perfectly the Janus consummate businessman — nodding first to Democrats, only then turning to grin at Republicans.

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ondland seemed at last to offer Schiff the chance to run out to announce to the captive press a proverbial MSNBC/CNN “bombshell.” But it was mostly a dud. …

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