Israel: Netanyahu indicted on corruption charges

Israel: Netanyahu indicted on corruption charges
VOA video, YouTube

[Ed. – While feelings on this are mixed, I’ve heard from several Israeli lawyers, a mix of Bib supporters and “not” Bibi supporters, who say this is a matter of thin cases brought for partisan purposes.]

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was indicted Thursday in a series of corruption cases, throwing Israel’s paralyzed political system into further disarray and threatening his 10-year grip on power. He rejected calls to resign, angrily accusing prosecutors of staging “an attempted coup.”

The first-ever charges against a sitting Israeli prime minister capped a three-year investigation, with Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit indicting Netanyahu for fraud, breach of trust and accepting bribes. …

The indictment does not require the 70-year-old Netanyahu to resign, but it significantly weakens him at a time when Israel’s political parties appear to be limping toward a third election in under a year.

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